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Flourish : Thesis Project

Self-defense gif : Fake Compliance and attack

According to the 2018 World Economic Forum’s gender gap index report, Japan is ranked 110 out of 149 countries, and it is as the second worst amongst developed country in relation to gender gap equality. Web media Mynavi women and government official gender equality bureau cabinet office revealed that 1 in 3 women had encountered sexual assault, and 1 in 13 women had experienced rape. “Flourish” is a self-defense campaign developed to help empower women mainly living in Japan, but also women all over the world. To achieve the empowerment of young women, Flourish will educate about existing issues, and crime prevention of self-defence moves. The campaign includes a booklet, poster, sticker, pin, website, and Instagram posts. The targeted audience is young women and students who are vulnerable, and are often targeted by sexual predators. I created a character called ‘Flulu’ to make it look friendly, so that it is easier to approach, giving the campaign a face would help in attracting the audience’s attention to Flourish. Contents are chosen based on the interview that asked what did young women wish to know when they were harassed. Readers can learn how to avoid, escape, and attack the perpetrator if they needed through looking at the “Women’s self-defense guide - Tips on Combating Sexual Harassment and Assault - ” booklet, website, or instagram posts

Story of image charactor Flulu

Booklet : Women’s self defense fuide - Tips on combatting sexual harassment and assault -


Message Pins 

Poster for the promotion

Official website of Flourish

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